Recycling Begins at Home

recycle and save the earthYear after year, tons of materials which are deemed garbage clog waterways, roadsides and rivers. Many of these are recyclable but unfortunately weren’t recycled.

Many people perceive that organizing a recycling center at home is such a difficult undertaking. It just takes some creativity and commitment and you’ll find that it is not really a daunting task. Even midtown homes for sale are doing it.

When you see that you are doing your part in taking care of the environment, you’ll feel better, too.

To start, here’s how:

Find a convenient area in your house, backyard, or apartment for the center. It doesn’t require much room for your recyclables. The garages, kitchen corners, storage closet, or under your kitchen sink can make good locations. Find and carefully label containers in which to store the recyclable materials.

Plastic bins or even trash cans work well for this purpose, depending on the amount of room available in your place.

Actively involve your family in this recycling process. Orient them on what products can be recycled. Show them the difference between the aluminum can bin and the tin can bin. While doing weekly chores with them, teach them to look for recyclable trash lying around the house. Encourage them to place these in their respective storage bins.

Encourage them to think of ways to reduce the amount of recycled materials that’s consumed in your home. When you go to the recycling center in your neighborhood, take them along with you so they can witness the recycling process firsthand.

Set the example at home by showing them recyclable materials can be creatively reused at home especially in organizing things. A large cardboard box can double as a compartment for their shoes, a milk carton can be used to store fish in the freezer, or a cookie can be used as a coin bank.

Make this a regular activity. When they learn that by recycling and reusing products money can be both saved and earned, they will eventually develop a thrifty and environmentally healthy habit for life.

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