Six Simple Things That Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

making an apartment a homeHaving trouble finding your design style? Wish your apartment felt more homey? Try these simple solutions that add accent color, warmth and style to any space.

One of the toughest things to do is to find your style and decorate your place so that it feels like home. There are simple thing that you can do, however, that will not only make your place feel homey but also add color and life.

Softer lighting

Overhead lighting can oftentimes feel glaring and will just accentuate the bare walls of your apartment. To add a glow to your bedroom or living room, purchase a few table lamps with shades or a floor lamp.

Lamplight will add warmth to the room rather than make it feel overly bright create a comfortable bedroomand sterile like overhead lighting. If you are on a budget, you can purchase table lamps at common retailers for around $20.

You could also mix and match bases and shades to add color or style to a room.

Familiar faces

Never underestimate the power of photos to add color and interest to a room. Did you go on a fantastic trip last year and have a memory stick full of photos waiting to be seen?

Or, do you love taking pictures of family and friends but never get around to hanging them?

Print them out and put them in frames to match the decor of the room. If you can’t paint the walls or have a lot of bare surfaces, this is one of the easiest ways to decorate them.

Plus the memories associated with the pictures will make your place feel more homey.

Make it cozy

Clean lines and sharp contrast is a modern and minimalist trend, but sometimes lush and soft are more welcoming. Add pillows and throws to your couch and chairs that are not only decorative but also soft and inviting to relax on. And, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your bed.

Whether it’s a twin or king sized bed, you can make it luxurious with soft sheets and blankets in warm colors. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so choose your colors and design wisely.

And, if you have hard floors and live in an apartment in Chicago or somewhere with frigid winters, adding soft rugs will not only keep your feet warm in the winter but will also add color and design to a room.


bring life to a space using plants live thingsAdd a little life to your apartment by purchasing beautiful potted plants. You can find flowers in shades to match the color scheme of your decor or choose a leafy green variety like ferns and lilies which not only add color but also make the air in your apartment cleaner.

And, if you live alone, getting a pet may be a good way to add companionship to your life as well as color. There are a variety of fish that you can select to add life and color to your apartment.

Weed it out

You don’t want to feel like you are constantly wading through clutter or clearing off surfaces just to function in your apartment. Clean out the clutter in your closets and regularly go through your mail and weed out the junk.

Feeling like you live in a junk drawer isn’t the homiest of feelings and it doesn’t do much for the decor of your apartment.


Other things that can add color or depth to a room include mirrors. Decorative mirrors will take up bare wall space and can make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Candles add scent and color as well, and placing items strategically on shelves or bookcases so that items are displayed rather than crammed in there for storage will add style to a room.

Make your apartment into a place that you look forward to coming home to after work or classes. Simple touches can add accent color and warmth to your apartment and make it feel more welcoming.

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