Slash Your Electricity Bill with These 10 Tips or Secrets

saving electricity tipsHow to slash on electricity bills? Here are some secrets to save on electricity bills & a few tips to save on electricity bills include turning off lights, unplugging devices, using fluorescent bulbs and energy efficient devices. Know more tips here…

Do you get a heart attack when you see the electricity bill?

Whenever we see the electricity bill is high, we look for ways to cut down on electricity bill. Does this mean you have to change your lifestyle altogether?

Hold on…there are some very simple, easy and at the same time low-cost tips to minimize the electricity bills. Check for these secrets and save anywhere between 20% and 30% on your electricity bills.

1. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances: Whenever you leave your home, check whether you have switched off all the lights and fans. While you are at home, ensure electrical gadgets that you are not using currently are switched off. Do you switch on the TV and leave it just like that till you finish all your errands? Put a full stop to this habit. Turn off any unnecessary appliances when you don’t use them.

2. Less wattage bulbs: You may use bulbs with less wattage. Similarly, rather lighting the entire room, you may selectively light the room. For example, why light up the entire study room when you can simply switch on the light on the study table?

3. Buy devices of the right size: I’ve seen in many places people buying things that are bigger for them than necessary. Why getting a bigger refrigerator when a small one is enough for a family of 3? The rest of the place goes unused and this consumes lot of electricity. The same applies with other appliances too. And look for electrical fittings by a certified fiberglass electrical conduit manufacturer like Champion Fiberglass.

4. Go for fluorescent lamps: I know these are a bit costly than the normal light bulbs for energy efficiencyincandescent bulbs, but are more efficient in cutting down the electricity bill and also lasts longer.

5. Lower the temperature settings: Do you use air-conditioners? If yes, lower the settings as and when possible and ensure you switch it on for only few hours. You may set it to switch off automatically after a few hours. Similarly, you can set the temperature of the freezer a little low.

If using heaters to keep you warm, lower the temperature a couple of degrees. These not only cut down your electricity bill but also help in reducing carbon footprints and global warming.

6. Turn off laptops and computers: Are you like me who uses the laptop almost 14 to 15 hours a day? Either switch it off or put it in hibernation whenever you don’t use the laptops. This can save a lot on electricity bills.

7. Run the appliances when fully loaded: Some people run the dishwasher and washing machine when the load is not even half. This consumes a lot of electricity and water. Make it a habit that you run the appliances only when they are loaded to their full capacity.

8. Proper shading to the house: We tend to switch on the fans and air-conditioners when it is hot and switch on the heaters when it cold outside. With proper shading, we can avoid the usage of fans, air-conditioners and heaters. Use curtains that will not let more light inside. This helps in reducing the temperature of the room.

9. Unplug the devices when not in use: I have seen people who simply switch off the TV, but not the main power. They feel that by switching off the TV, they are saving electricity.

This is not so. As long as the power cord is plugged in, electricity is flowing in it and this may add up to your electricity bill.

This rule applies to your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, microwave oven, and any such electrical devices.

10. Go for energy efficient devices: Whenever you buy new devices, check for the energy stars it has got. The more energy stars the more energy efficient it is. Keep this rule in mind when buying new electrical devices. These will save your electricity bill considerably.

With these simple tips and secrets, you can really slash your electricity bill to a greater extent. Follow these tips and share it with me how these tips helped you in cutting your electricity bills.

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